Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amidst the voyage of our ship,
When the path was really scary.
That was when I needed you most.
Oh my lovely fairy..

Ya, that was what I considered her
No idea about what she thought about me.
Had she felt the same we would have been together,
Entangled like the branches of a lovely tree..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

13 Best moment in life

One day someone asked me
Which was the best moment of your life?
I told none
My life had only pain, sufferings and was full of strife.

But somewhere deep within my soul
I knew this wasn’t true
Those lonely pavements and that beautiful stroll
You as a company and that picturesque hue.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Beti ki vidaai

Seema aaj ek kone me baith na jaane kitne saal peeche chali gyi thi.Aur chahte hue bhi wah wapas nhi aana chaah rhi thi apne vartamaan me.Jitna sukhad woh ateet tha utni hi dardnaak uska ye vartmaan…………..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Jab wo haathein humein bada krti hain
Jab humare liye kisi bhi cheez se ladti hai
Jo aankhein humaare liye raat bhar nhi soti
Kon kehta hai us maa ki koi khwaahish nhi hoti…………..

Wo padhai na krne pe papa ka dantna
Wo pyaar se maa ka gale se laga ke samjhaana
Hum rote to wo bhi roti
Kon kehta hai un suni aankhon ki koi khwaahish nhi hoti………………….

2 Welcome to one and all

Well the title clearly suggests this being my first blog is meant to welcome one and all(in case such a situation arises where there are more...lolz)....This is my first time experience in da world of blogging....Well i know none of you would b interested 2 know who i am bt thn bear vth me ths being my first blog lemme tll smthng abt myslf....a normal looking guy fond of speaking or rathr say blabbering things out...Nw hw dd ths come to me 2 hav a go in ths talnted sphere of blogging where my capabilities would surely seem trifle....I know u wnt believe it (bt bear vth me ths being my first blog) angel came and told me dear u r gud at it nd prhps u cn giv it a try....nd wht if no1 reads thre to follow ech nd evry post of yours......i would b the one who would appreciate ur posts the most and at the same time wud b the harshest of ur here i go taking a small step in ths vast field a bit nervous bt assurd vth da fact tht i hv gt nthng 2 loose.......................hpe u enjoy wht cums nxt.................ur cmmnts are always welcome
and would help me to improve.....................:)
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