Thursday, July 29, 2010

13 Best moment in life

One day someone asked me
Which was the best moment of your life?
I told none
My life had only pain, sufferings and was full of strife.

But somewhere deep within my soul
I knew this wasn’t true
Those lonely pavements and that beautiful stroll
You as a company and that picturesque hue.

Sweetheart you were my life’s best chapter
Filling those boredom with so much of spice
I wish our relationship could last longer
But then perhaps I never gave you a choice

You were always there with me
It was I who walked away
You broke my shackles and made me free
Wish you came back to me thats all I can pray

There were times when you needed me
But my priorities were so wrong
I still remember how you held me
And that first kiss when I sung your birthday song

Today is the same day when we first met
I still remember that passenger train
You looked awesome while you were completely wet
Drenched in that winter rain

We saw so many dreams
Dreams of today and tomorrow
You left me,thanks to my screams
Leaving behind this gust of sorrow

If I could return to the past
And go back to when we were together
Perhaps some magical spell I could cast
So that we could live happily together forever and ever

And then if somebody would have asked me
Which was the best moment of your life?
Then I would hold you tight and let him see
It is when in my arms I have my most beautiful wife..


Cinny said...

heyyy nice dude..i never knew u r a poet:).veryyy imaginative.

Angel said...

Its simply BEAUTIFUL!!!
(ur wrds speak fr thmslvs...i cant b as gud at praising thm..)

parul said...
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parul said...

its simply pure nd beautiful...

Ruchi Jha said...

good going bro...u have entered the blogging world with a bang..and i m sure you have a long way to go... ya do keep reading and appreciating my blogs too...keep blogging..luv u..:)

Upisha said...

ammazing....u r a rockstar its really heart touchng!!!!!!!!! :)

dhawal said...

awsomee one dude...!!!
very awesome fact..!!

ark of conwheals said...

deep thoughts..glad u shared..;)

crazyavi said...

woooooowww nvr expected so many of u would read indeed feels great and i promise there are many yet to come.............keep reading and encouraging me the same way :)

Arunesh said...

soul found a connection with my heart...

crazyavi said...

@arunesh:it feels awsm to recieve such a cmmnt 4m u sir........thnx..:)

kumar said...

it paved a connection wid ma lyf/.....
very touching...
awsum...keep goin ....

nishant said...

"those lonely pavement and that b'ful stroll"...beautiful.
goin grt guns bro...keep it up!!

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