Saturday, July 31, 2010


Amidst the voyage of our ship,
When the path was really scary.
That was when I needed you most.
Oh my lovely fairy..

Ya, that was what I considered her
No idea about what she thought about me.
Had she felt the same we would have been together,
Entangled like the branches of a lovely tree..

Whenever in my dreams she would come,
I could visualise both our souls hand in hand.
I should have realised earlier,
All she was interested in was a one night stand.

I still feel sick when I remember that day,
She blamed me for everything and had plenty to say.
I kept mum and was helplessly listening,
Because it was our relationship which was finally losing.

All I could do was look in her eyes
For that small amount of love if any.
But in vain went all my tries,
Because I had only her,but she had many

She left me on my own,
Amidst all tears and cries.
I still wonder how she could be such a stone,
Because I had seen that love once in her eyes.

Wait! was it love that I had seen?
Or was even that a part of her plan.
I console myself saying no she couldn’t be so mean
But the question arises: Till when I can??

Now that she’s gone,
I do miss her often.
Devoid of her love I feel downtrodden,
Still wishing “the stone would some day soften”.

I write this poem with a hope,
That it would reach her some day.
This world without her,Oh!! its really hard to cope
To her,I wish somebody could convey..


Angel said...

Another sad 1 from no complains, u r good at touching d heart!!!
I cud feel the pain he was goin thru....

I like it! :)

crazyavi said...

thnks sweetie....................

u knw my inclination 2wrds da sad 1's ;)

ark of conwheals said...

jesus ws surreal f u kno wat i mean..;)

crazyavi said...

@arijit:thanks dude....btw 4 ur info i knw wht tht means....
Characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions....

ark of conwheals said...

dud not the meaning of surreal nahi..kya yar tu bhi..

wat i meant ws dat word in context..bole toh ur poem though pretty gud ws surreal coz it ws ironic comin frm u..dats wt i meant yar..;)

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