Sunday, August 1, 2010


I asked God one day
What is love?

He responded something like this:

When you go to your mom
And hold her tight
Tell her about your wrongs
And she still holds you right.
Son,that is love.

When you had those low grades
And the only place you could escape to was nowhere
Those encouraging words from your father
With a pat on your shoulder
Son,that is love

When you see your cute little sister
Looking at you while you are having your favourite dish
And you go to her and give it all
Sealed with a beautiful kiss
Son,that is love.

Looking at your grandma on that winter morning
So fragile and so old
And the sweet gesture of using your pocket money for her shawl
So that she doesn’t catch cold
Son,that is love

Love is not what you people think it to be
Its so highly misunderstood
Because when I made this feeling of love
All I intended was to give you all gains
It was you who associated this beautiful feeling with all those pain

Then I asked Him
God,she left me and I cant live without her
Isn’t this love??
He said,”ask yourself,
Can you compare this feeling with any of those mentioned above?”

While I was pondering over this question
He dissappeared with His last words
“Now that I have conveyed this message
 I leave it on you to pass it to the world
And save the essence of this beautiful feeling called love”


Angel said...

Congratulations!...u're broken d barrier widin wch ur work was constrained...dat too wid sch flair...simplest of words n purest of thots...
wish u transform dis purity into magic wid ur cming pieces..

ths poem brings out

All the best!

Cinny said...

heyy seriously nice work avi:)..gud going..

Upisha said...

amazing avi

Anonymous said...

this one is really good!!

Rebecca Vieyra said...


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